Monday, December 1, 2008

YOU HEAR IT 1st!!!

New Music: Demevolist Music Group
Track title: "I Go Crazy"
"I Go Crazy" is the second single off of the upcoming mixtape
"Ayo! These Niggaz Went Hollywood" out December 2nd

Demevolist Music Group includes Sha-leik (The Engineer), Yung Nate, Show TuFli, J Means, Bagdad, Proven, and Charles Hamilton. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No One On The Corner...


Demevolist Video in My Backyard (V.I.M.B.Y)

NEW YORK - You got Yung Nate, Show Tufli, Proven, Bagdad, J Means, and Charles Hamilton forming Demevolist, as they show you home at Frederick Douglass Academy. It's ALREADY HAPPENING. WE GETTING FAMOUS. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT AYO THESE NIGGAZ WENT HOLLYWOOD DROPPING DEC. 2ND, 2008.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ayo! These Niggaz Went Hollywood

How do you know we went Hollywood? Have you been? You don't even know what you are talking about. Following a trend I see. Who are you? Not sure I bet. Running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Why do you hate our success so much? We have so much further to go yet there you go. Are you trying to discourage us. Yea! that's it. Make us hate our success so we can turn back, right? I get it! They're selling lives down the block, go get one. People don't go Hollywood genius. People go to Hollywood. Check it out some time. You might still hate on us, but at least you'll feel a little better about yourself. As ShowTuFli said "Love me or Hate me, your still doing me a favor".



Monday, November 17, 2008

Demevolist Terminology 101

The Demevolist Phrase of the Day...

"It's quite for you" or "that"- this phrase,was coined by Demevolist artist, and is used to politely tell a person that the conversation has been concluded and it's now time for them to refrain from talking, hence be quite.

How to use this phrase:

Fan: Have you downloaded the Demevolist "Staff Development CD" yet?

Hater: Naw, I don't fucks with the internet or Harlem Rappers. Those niggas are too flashy. On the low tho get me in with thoes niggas… I got raps

Fan: (Pause) "It's quite for you"

Monday, October 13, 2008

Seriousness Of Music And Its Direction

Any song you make has to have a direction and a purpose, especially if you are collaborating on a song with one or more artist. If you are not on the same topic, the song might have a great instrumental behind it but the content of the song is all over the place. This is a family and a cohesive unit so there are going to be times where we don't see eye to eye but we never let that deter us from our goal of putting out quality music.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Brooklyn Girls" & "Party Crashers" At Clark Atlanta University Homecoming (Demevolist/Interscope)

Charles Hamilton Performs "Brooklyn Girls"

Proven, J Means, BagDad Performs "Party Crashers"

Friday, October 10, 2008


Demevolist Music Group is like a computer virus to the industry.

“Some of these old hands in the new pot are in for a surprise," says the Demevolist Music Group.

It would be presumptuous to warn the music industry about the existence of Demevolist Music Group, so lets just gamble with clich├ęs and say, "Demevolist Music Group is the New Industry." A few good high school men from Harlem founded it. Striving for musical greatness before they even knew what type of beat machine, musical instruments, and recording equipment they needed in a studio to create what the mainstream industry defined as a "hot record". Not that they cared what the industry thought or felt about the type of music they conceived and later birthed through the mic. At the end of the day, the success of Demevolist would not be measured on a superficial scale, but success would be determined via the sound of their voice over a sick beat bleeding through the speakers.

As a student at the Fredrick Douglas Academy in West Harlem, New York Howard Burke sought after money to build a recording studio in his high school. After numerous presentations and proposals to build a musical recording studio in a college preparatory school (which focused more on bridging the academic achievement than musical greatness), eventually, Howard's persistence paid off and his principal gave into a young ambitious man’s dreams.

"My presentation got better and better because he kept shutting me down. Finally, he folded and the HBO people cut a check."

Opening a recording studio at a high school seemed like a pipe dream to some people, but it later turned into a place of refuge for young and talented MC's to record music and make history. Speaking of making history, Demevolist Music Group President/Interscope Records recording artist Charles Hamilton recorded some of his earliest records in between the four walls of the pipe dream studio, which caught the attention of all major record labels before inking his much-speculated deal with Jimmy Iovine.

"The control of music belongs to the people not some industry that feels like they are always right. Art is how you feel. It should not be directed unless you want it to be," stresses all the staff of the Demevolist Music Group.

DMG has what a lot of labels are missing right now, which is the ability to draw the youth and keep the publics attention with a cutting-edge sound. One might be ask, “what and who is Demevolist?” Well, Demevolist is not a word that can be defined by Webster, but can be defined by you.

"It’s made up, "The Chosen Few" was the definition I gave it. We set out to be the new faces in the industry," says DMG.

It is simple to chase and follow trends, but creating them and attracting followers is on a level that Demevolist strives to reach by producing nothing but a superlative sound. A sound that has been created with the help of the "chosen few": Anthony “Show Tufli” Hunter, Jason “J Means” Means, Nathaniel “Yung Nate” Mussington, Charles Hamilton, Zonnie “BagDad” McCrimmon, Lionell “Sha-leik” Martin, Isaiah “Proven” Harris, Ryan 'Woody' Woodcock, Apryl Reardon, Isaias “I.S.A” Arce II. Its either Greatness or Great Failure, no in between. Demevolist Music Group speaks every language when it comes to music, going beyond what makes you bop your head, recite memorable lyrics, cop mixtapes, or YouTube the latest Demevolist artists recording session.

World Debut of Demevolist Interscope Artist Charles Hamilton on Power 106/Skee.TV HISTORY